How cardio clear 7 Women Lose Weight – The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

The common cardio clear 7 misconceptions of weight loss is frequently held to be true, at least for typical women:  if a women only exercises and eats poorly, she will stay fat even if she does manage to get some weight off.  she can also gain weight if she exercises but eats well.  It is not just women who fall victim to this understanding, male Researchers have uncovered this myth as well.

In a study conducted in 2007 at the University of Alabama regarding exercise and weight loss, more than 120 women watched videos of 3 different exercise programs.  intervals, resistance training and aerobics were 2 of the programs taken into account in the study.  the goal of the study was to determine which program would be most effective in losing weight and keeping it off.  It was a surprise that aerobics been , since women often opt to take up that program and perform it without a trainer or in a gym setting.

The results of the 2007 study at the University of Alabama revealed that no exercise program alone would result in weight loss and maintenance.  A combination of aerobic exercise and strength training at moderate-high intensity was found to be the most effective program.  The study was not limited to the University of Alabama, however, since other gyms, community volleyball and even a soccer field were used as research objectives.

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So now that we understand exercise and weight loss are not synonymous, it is time to get to know food.

Understanding Food

First and foremost, we need to understand that glucose or our blood sugar, is the source of all foods.  Glucose enters our blood stream, where it is broken down by our saliva into three molecules of glucose called glycogen.  If we consume food, or even you, that contain glucose, the glycogen stays in your stomach and is slowly administered into the rest of your system.  It is at that time that your body uses it as fuel for all activities.

Now, if we take glucogen from the bloodstream, it must be transported to the muscle cells of your body to be converted into muscle tissue.  Therefore, technically speaking, eating is basically providing your body with a bank of glucose, which is later used to fuel all activity in your body.

Generalymakes you slightly hungry.  You feel starving before taking your first bite.  You need a little something to go on, to help make you feel more comfortable.  A French fry, a bake potato and a constant supply of soda all constitute a sumptuous meal, where fat and carbohydrates are made up of the calorie and fiber.  However, if you are slim, then you probably do not need all that.

What All Fats and Carbohydrates possess

In order of general categories, there are fats and carbohydrates.  The main difference between the two is in the time it takes your body to digest carbohydrates.  For fats, it mostly takes from 3 to 4 hours to break down, while for carbohydrates it can take from 6 to 7 hours to be digested in your body.

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Simple and complex carbohydrates, apart from their caloric value, are also indicated to have different types of sugars, wherein the “simple” ones are derived by simple sugars, while the “complex” carbohydrate is derived by more complicated sugar molecules.

In carbohydrates, “simple” and “complex” are essentially the same. However, theirResearchers have observed that the complex carbohydrates, through their slow release of sugar in the body, keep the blood sugar stable for a longer time, thus instead of producing extreme fluctuations that lead to hunger pangs.

Does Fat Have to be Bad?

No.  You also need a suitable quantity of fats in your system to keep you healthy. To get this quantity, it is cardio clear 7 website recommended that you consume fat-rich foods, since the body needs fat to manufacture fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.